Letters – Santa

20111122-203524.jpgIs handwriting going to be lost communication, so that our grandchildren won’t even need to learn how to do it. I recently had a group of women at the playground inform me that they are not teaching cursive in school anymore, which got my little mind wondering is handwriting necessary. My girls do most of their communication typing on the computer or on their little iPads, they don’t pick up a pen or pencil unless I make them write something down for a project (I have gotten very creative). I teach them one space after a period not two. I haven’t taught them abbreviation for words but I am sure I will with time or they will just learn on their own when texting their friends. They have programs now or apps that you just speak and writes down what you say.

So back to the original question is handwriting going to be lost with real paper books. The conclusion I came to is NO, we still need to teach our children how to write letters and read from real paper books but I do think our kids or grandkids will handwrite things even less than us and let me tell you it won’t be a lot if any.

With all that in mind we hand wrote letters to Santa, yes with a pen and paper, and sent them by snail mail. Makes me laugh when I think about it. After the girls did videos and read what they wrote so everyone can get an idea (mostly family) what they want.

20111122-203809.jpgWe also did more dart math, read some books and did our center piece for Thanksgiving. Toilet paper roll pilgrims, tree, and added a Hawaiian girl – hey why not she could have been at the first Thanksgiving no one is around today that was actually there to say she wasn’t. We’re all supposed to be Americans right?


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