Leprechaun Trap Challenge for FTF Explorer Badge

St. Patrick Day is one of our favorite holidays. Our hometown, Savannah, Ga has one of the biggest celebration and with our last name, McIntyre we love everything Irish. This week Huggs and Munchy started working on their Fulltime Families Explorer Badges.  These badges are a cross between Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Guides but with out the  tedious parts taken out and designed for kids traveling full-time. The FtF Explorer Program is a family centered program intended to support leadership, creativity, and community centered activities for boys and girls. The suggested age range is from 5 to16 years old.

Leprechaun Trap ChallengeThis week Huggs has earned three badges and her sister earned one. The first badge Huggs earned was the Leprechaun Trap Challenge for her Community Building Badge.  She had to use household items of her choice to design and create a trap for a leprechaun.  Then she had to make video and explain how it worked which included her choice of material and why she chose them.

IMG_7248Huggs second badge was a Craft Badge.  She had to look for an adult to help her perfect a crafting skill.  Huggs chose to learn how to sew and her Grandmother helped us fix our sewing machine and teach Huggs the basic of sewing.  She ended up making monster pillows for her Barbies and Huggs loved it so much she is planning on making some doll clothes (wish me luck!!).


IMG_0056The third badge both girls earned, the RV Maintenance Badge.  This badge the girls had to learn how to put down the stabilizers, put in chocks and awnings, and help pack up.  Our girls actually went a step father and learned how to connect the shore power (electrical), water and sewer hoses, and they also know how to drain the grey and black tanks.  We thought it was important for everyone to know how to do this just incase there was an emergency.



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