Can Kids learn without being lead or learning from home

Can Kids learn without being lead? That is one of the main questions I had for myself when my girls started learning at home. I have only been unschooling or homeschooling for five months. So, I am just starting my homeschooling experience.  I have noticed a difference in attitude with the my two girls.  They seem happier, which I believe is just as important as their education.  How do I know they are learning?  I interact with them daily and ask questions.  Now if we don’t know the answerer they suggest getting on the computer and looking it up.

Can Kids learn without being lead?

My eight year old looks stuff up on google and then tells me about it, or will ask me questions and then tell me about it days later.  She is doing multiplication and is only in second grade she knows most of her states and capitals by playing an iPad game called Stack the States™ and can now read Dr. Seuss books with no problem. This was my child who they told me she would need special help with reading because she was so behind and we (yes both of us) would cry every night  because her homework was so hard.

So how do I know – just by watching, listening to them, if your get the chance do it – you will love it, enjoy it, and ask yourself why didn’t I do this sooner.

What is your story – how do you know if your kids are learning anything?

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