Learn about Solar eclipse and make pin hole camera

Our family is so excited for the solar eclipse to arrive on Monday, Aug 21st. We had planned on attending one of the Fulltime families solar eclipse event but our plans changed. Though we will miss our Fulltime families and all the festivities, in Unschool fashion we plan to make it amazing.  Follow along with us as we make several kinds pin hole cameras, and learn about the solar eclipse.

Most stores are out of the viewing glass.  I was so excited to hear, that our local library was giving them away for free.  The catch you had to arrive at the library over an hour early.  Then the kids required to watch an hour-long presentation (which was an amazingly great idea). The bad news, that they ran out in five minutes and those that had been waiting in line for hours didn’t get any. Our plan is to make several different kinds of pin hole cameras. We even found a way to make viewing device to look at the sun.

Pin Hole cameras and safe way see Solar Eclipse

Pinhole cameras are a great way to see the eclipse and are easy and inexpensive to make.  We made several different kinds, just for fun.  We even smoked glass with a flame from a candle. NASA and the eye institute does state that this may not be safe for your eyes for long periods of time (if not done correctly). Still, a fun science activity learning about smoked glass.

Our tips

  • Cereal box pin hole camera is the easiest
  • If you find a long box, like us, it’s hard to get the paper at the bottom
  • Use a candle to make the smoke viewer – it works the best
  • Pin Hole viewer doesn’t work so great but was fun to make
  • If you’re really in a bind just cut out a hole in a piece a paper, put your back to the sun and view the solar eclipse on the ground.
  • Also, this is a great time to do a little Geography, which states can you see the total eclipse.

Here are some great videos that will teach you about the solar eclipse

In true Unschool fashion, I always like to make this a teaching moment. Here are some great videos the kids found to learn about the solar eclipse. For those little ones I included some activity sheets that I found also.  Great viewing everyone.

Solar Eclipse Activities

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