Kids Artist Trading Cards (atc’s)

  Artist trading cards are trading cards made by kids to trade with kids.  These cards are made by children of different ages in different locations to include the U.S and internationally.  These cards are shared through the mail, showing other unique talents.

 These cards are 2.5 by 3.5 in size the same as a baseball trading card.  This is the ONLY rule. Kids with directive assistance from a parent based on age assemble their own cards.  Supplies are minimal and the only expenses is return postage!

Kids Artist Trading Cards

Card base should be something sturdy like cardstock or cereal boxes. Style,technique or medium is the artists choice.  Cards can be made with sticker accents, drawn with colored pencils, a college of pages, sewed together or a painted abstract.

Kids Artist Trading Cards

There are two options to participate.  Individual trades whereas the child posts available cards and other children offer their cards for trade and then the mail arrangements are between the individuals.  Or the other trade is hosted by myself.  Special theme events with a 3 for 3 card trade.  All cards are mailed to me pertaining to the theme and the child receives 3 different cards back from other children.

There are weekly themes available as well as a monthly birthday trade.

These are more than just artist trading cards.  Your child is receiving something from other children. You can study other areas, study a different art technique every month, research the history of art.

We are a closed group so follow us on Facebook to request admission.  I may follow up with you so check your others folder.  We are always looking for more children so feel free to join and share.

Kids Artist Trading Cards

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