Justice Store Challenge

Justice Store Challenge

20130419-154133.jpgShopping was the name of the game today. Since we had a lot of errands to do today I thought a math challenge was in order.  I told each girl they had a pretend $40 and they had to put an outfit together that included shirt, shorts, and an accessory. The best part was that since we were at the store Justice located at The Tanger Outlets  in Hilton Head, everything up to 40% off. The challenge was tuff because we had to keep looking at the discount sign to figure out what we could buy for only $40.

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Belle found a shirt with a mustache on it that was already reduced plus another 40% off.  She was able to get a pair of painted shorts, 4 necklaces (buy 2 – get 2 free) and some candy. Mac got a fancy blue shirt and a pair sparkly shorts and was able to add 2 of her sisters necklaces to her outfit. The best part, because I am such a cool mom, I let the girls buy the shirts as their rewards, the necklaces, and mustache pens,  so then we were able to get a $25 gift card for next time.

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20130419-163205.jpgWe then got me an outfit for my upcoming business trip, dropped off the dog at the doggie hotel, grabbed everyone a Starbucks frappuccino, went to the library, donated some items to Goodwill and finished packing. After all our errands we came home rested a bit and the girls read for 35 minutes. I would like to thank my fellow homeschool moms for getting me started on the timed reading everyday. They can read any book they want and I work on my blog and answer questions when they need help. Mac has finished Franny K. Stein in 2 days and Belle is half way done with her hamster book she got from the library.

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