Fun facts about Jim Henson part 1

Today was all about my favorite author and learning fun facts about Jim Henson. I loved Kermit the frog and the muppets growing up.  So the girls and I decided that we would learn about how he created the muppets. What drove him to be a puppeteer and how he created some of his amazing puppets and make them come to life.

These are all the facts so far:

  • Man who created the muppet
  • Family called him Jimmy
  • Dear “Jimmy Grandmother” encourage him to be creative
  • He didn’t get his first TV till he was thirteen
  • Created a puppet name “Pierre” to get a job for local TV station

More Facts we learned:

  • He got his own puppet show freshman in college
  • Kermit was made from his mom old green jacket but it looked like a lizard
  • muppet cross between “marionette” and “puppet”
  • Age 19 his brother died
  • He met Jane and married her 1959
  • He had two daughter Lisa and Cheryl
  • Hired Don Oz who created most of the muppet


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