Important Life lesson Homeschooled kids learn faster

A friend of mine asked me this question: Do you think your kids have enough life lessons to be prepared for adulthood? Especially since they don’t go to” normal school”? She went on to say: Schooled kids are taught life skills in school. Honestly, this made me laugh ( on the inside).

This also got me thinking, and of course, questioning my decision to homeschool. I have even taken my kid’s education one step farther, and Unschool my kids. That just means we don’t use a typical curriculum like most homeschoolers. We allow the kids to be in charge of their own education, learn more here. Radical thinking, I know, but it works for us.

How will they survive adulthood

As my kids have gotten older I have worried about their adult skills. Will they know enough to survive without their parents? Can they function as young adults? So, here are some things the kids thought they should know before they leave the nest. The best part is they know how to do 95% of them. I am so proud.

32 Life Lessons

  1. Order pizza
  2. Buy food at the grocery store without parents help
  3. Use credit card online
  4. Wash, dry and fold their own clothes
  5. Boil water and make pasta
  6. Use a microwave to make food
  7. Scramble eggs and/or make an omelet
  8. Know how to make desserts: like cookies/brownies/ cake
  9. Follow a recipe
  10. Order Starbucks
  11. Learn to drive a manual car
  12. Learn how to change a tire, call dad, and/or call AAA for help
  13. How to talk to a police officer
  14. Listen to GPS on your phone and follow the directions
  15. Navigate using a map
  16. Learn how to use cruise control
  17. How to dance properly- tango/ waltz
  18. Table etiquette
  19. Grammarly“>Know proper grammar and spelling
  20. Calculate % off for a sale
  21. Negotiate at a garage sale
  22. Make your bed
  23. Time management
  24. Be able to wake up and get ready for the day on time
  25. Set alarm on your phone
  26. Balance your bank account
  27. Learn how to write a check
  28. Address a snail mail letter
  29. Learn how to write and send an email
  30. Budget your money
  31. How to defend yourself
  32. Take care of an animal

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