How to make the best Ice-Cream Brownie Birthday cake


My little girl is nine years old today and we made the Ice-Cream Brownie Birthday cake. Her two favorite things are ice-cream and brownies, so we came up with the easiest ice cream brownie cake. The only problem is the brownie does get very hard.


The steps to make the best Ice-cream birthday cake

  • To get started making the Ice-Cream Brownie Birthday cake
  • Put 2 pieces of aluminum wrap on the inside of one cake pan
  • Set your ice cream out for about 30 minutes – to let it melt a bit
  • Scoop ice cream into cake pan smooth the top so it’s level
  • Put another layer of aluminum foil over icecream – Press down and make smooth
  • Seal the top of ice cream and put in freezer
  • Cook brownie mix as instructed on the box
  • Let brownies cool completely
  • Carefully get ice cream out of cake pan and take the aluminum foil off and put on a cake pan
  • Pour magic shell on top of ice cream
  • Place brownies on top of ice cream
  • Put Saran wrap on top of the cake
  • Put back in the freezer for about 15 minutes
  • Take saran wrap off and frost your cake
  • Add sprinkles and happy birthday to the top
  • You are now ready to eat – but if not put back in the freezer till ready



There is always time to let the birthday girl lick the pan. Life is too short.


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