I Want to Unschool, but Where Do I Start?

Want to Unschool, but Where Do I Start? So, you have done some research and think that Unschooling will work for your family.  I want to Unschool, but where do I start?  Your kids are still in school or you want to try Unschooling.  If you answered YES to most of these questions then you are in the right place.

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Steps to Start Unschooling

  1. My kids are in school or school is about to start. What do I do next?:
    First, you need to file an intent to homeschool form. I suggest, looking up your state’s rules.  Every state is different and unfortunately, some are more complicated than others.
    HSLDA/ homeschool state laws
    Know you’re home and School Laws
    10 The Freest States For Homeschooling
  2. How to get the kids out of school and start homeschooling:
    Actually, this is the easiest part and the scariest part.  I am not going to lie to you, some days will be awesome and some days will be very hard.  The awesome days will outweigh the bad ones and you will wonder why you didn’t begin sooner. Be patient!

Steps to DeSchooling

  1. Deschool: This is a time when you find out what your child loves to do:
    For every year your child has attended normal school (gone to brick and mortar school) they need that many months to deschool.  Basically, that means five years of school you will need five months to deschool. What do my kids do during this time?  Your kids can do anything they want, play outdoors, play Minecraft, draw, do science experiments, swim, watch tv, watch YouTube videos, movies, Lego, or play video games.  Why on earth should I let them do what they want?  You and your child are trying to find out what interests them. If a child wants to watch tv, let them. They will watch it for fifteen days or fifteen weeks straight, and then they will get bored and do something else.  Let them make their own rules, deciding what they want to do.  I promise they will get it out of their system. Learn more about DeSchooling here
  2. What do I do as a parent to help them find their interests:
    If your child likes art then take them to the art store, give them $60 and let them get art supplies.  They may love video games, encourage them to do research online to find out how to get a father in a game or figure something out.  Your child might like playing with monster high dolls, let them. Imagination is lost at an early age. If they like the outdoors take them on nature hikes, research bugs, or make gnomes or fairy houses out of sticks.

High School Student

  1. I have a high school student. How do I help them to Unschool?
    Is it too late?

    No. My suggestion for them is to encourage them to read. They need to see if they are ready for college or even want to go to college.  I would get them to make a goal sheet. Put everything on the goal sheet they want to accomplish. If they do it then give them a bonus for accomplishing their goals.  If they want to attend college then have them take the SAT or ACT and see what they need to work on to get into their dream college.  Have the things they need to work on to get into college as their goals. If your child is not interested in college then they need to start working on finding a mentor. Work toward finding a job they love. Have your young adult read Hacking Your Education or log on to UnCollege and learn about a Gap Year.

Food for thought

Please keep in mind that these ideas have worked for my family.  Every family and every child are different and there are several ways to homeschool.  Just make sure you are following state laws and having fun.  If you are unsure of state laws or how to Unschool, then by best advice is to find a group or someone that can help mentor you.  Google support groups in your area or look on Facebook or Yahoo groups. Interaction with other like-minded people is important not only for support but just for hanging out.

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