How we included education and friends in our mandatory evacuation

When a hurricane is barreling down the coast, stress sets in. We try not to let a little evacuation bother us and roll with the punches. This time we decided to make a mini-vacation and visit another fulltime family that just bought a new house and came off the road like us. We became close to the Church’s after learning they have the same RV as us and followed us out west. Ok really, they kept ending up at the same campgrounds as us.

Our little adventure started on a whim with a 16 drive to Ohio. It took us six hours to drive from Savannah to Doblin, GA, which is normally two hours drive. Since we figured this was an adventure we didn’t let the driving time bother us. We have had long days and much worse traffic. After 2 days of driving, we finally made it to Ohio and found an amazing campground.

Our first night started with dinner, catching up and many laughs. The girls packed bags and spent the next couple of nights with their friends. They had so much fun staying up late, cooking, and playing board games. Board games are a great fun way to incorporate education. The kids practiced reading, math, spelling, following instructions, and outwitting their opponents.

Our last full day we had fun visiting one of the Chruch’s favorite BBQ restaurants, Buckeyes Chili and Smokehouse, who is owned by a family friend. They are known for Spaghetti BBq and Mac N Cheese BBQ, which was amazing. We walked down to the river in downtown Columbus and learned a little history while there. Kissed a fish, which didn’t give us any gold, and learned about the man who founded Fredericksburg. We finished our night with ice cream and more fun and laughs.

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