How to Unschool sports as part of your curriculum

Can you include Unschool sports as part of your curriculum? Most parents and teachers view sports as extra activities. They believe that your core classes do not include sports, art or music. I, on the other hand, think of sports as life learning and therefore should be included as part of an Unschool curriculum.

Let me explain and show you how Unschool sports can teach you as much as a book. My kids are part of four sports teams, and yes, in case you are wondering I am crazy. Then I remember why we Unschool and you have to be a little crazy to do this. We can take classes during the day and have a lot more free time to do things that we love.

Horseback riding (Dressage)

Mac first Unschool sport is horseback riding (Dressage) on Thursday morning. She has learned the parts of the horse, how to feed him, give him a bath, brush and even clean his hooves. Mac is constantly doing geometry around the dressage course and learning how to make the horse do what she wants. Alex (the horse) loves to buck and so far Mac has not fallen off. She watches videos on how to improve and learn better Dressage techniques. Mac is learning to trust her horse, commanding Alex to do certain actions and even learning to understand when said action is wrong and how to correct it.

Roller derby not for the faint of heart

Rollerderby is not for the timid kid and Belle loves hitting people more than most. She has started Rollerderby and made it to level 2 within six months. Belle had to read and study a written exam and learn all of her skills before she could level up. Safety is the main focus of the team, how to hit correctly, move the body for speed and maneuverability. She kept up her socialization skills and learned about winning and losing. This year they will get to compete for a spot on the team. Only levels 2 and 3 get to play in a roller derby bout (two 30-minute scrimmages) and some bouts will be in other states.


Ballroom Winter Showcase

Both girls do ballroom dancing and will begin competing this year. The girls keep a notebook of steps, combinations, history, and arrangements. The team has to learn six dances, three smooth (Walz, Tango, Foxtrot) and three Rythm dances (Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing) for the first competition in February. They take written tests weekly and are tested on each routine for each dance. I love that the skills they are learning can be used for the rest of their life. Posture, poise, communication, and self-confidence are some of the amazing things kids will learn.


Our latest adventure is Fencing and the girls love it. Fencing is super fun and once the girls get good enough they can start competing. The girls are learning with a club which is helping keep the cost down. They started by taking a free two-day course just to try it out. The girls get a high-impact-aerobic workout, that helps build stamina, strength, and coordination. They say it is a lot like dancing because you have to understand timing, tempo, measure, and velocity. Fencing improves your child’s strategic thinking and academic discipline

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