How to start the New year right by updating your Unschool Curriculum

A New Year means to me that it is time to look at the Unschool Curriculum and update it to make the last of your homeschool year the best it can be.  If I was honest, I always start the school year with ideas about what we are going to learn and how we are going to learn it.  The kids and I set up a game plan and write it down.  Unschool CurriculumFor the first couple of months, we do exactly what we intended on doing and then we all get lazy and just quit doing it, or just don’t make the time. Every couple of months or when I feel we are in a rut and the girls are watching too much TV we sit down and figure out a new game plan for our education.

Unschool CurriculumI told the girls to write down four things they want to improve, or something new they want to learn by the end of the year.  After writing them down, I then had them add how they were going to carry out each goal. One way was to take some online classes with Craftsy. They offer classes like photography, paper crafts, cake baking, painting, and sewing classes and even offer some free classes.

Once finished we put them in the fridge so we can look at them every day.  The interesting thing is they always seem to disappear after a couple of weeks (still looking into that). I thought it would be fun for you to follow along and set some new Goals also. Let us know in the comments what your kid’s goals are.
img_0615So to begin ask you to come up with four things they want to improve or get better at this Year.  My kids usually roll their eyes, grumble and just go to their rooms and begin writing.  This should only take about five minutes.  Then after the grumbling is over we come up with several ways to carry out their goals. I added the fifth goal, to work on Math, and wrote down how e planned to carry out it. Easy Peasy…

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1. Learn one sentence of French a month
A. Listening to French tapes we already own
B. Found 3 apps on my iPhone that will help me learn French
Learn French Phrases – Free
C. Bought a workbook to learn French
D. Text/ talk to my french cousin
E. Rosetta Stone
2. Learn a new Activity
A.Google it on the internet
B. Try different things
3. Learn more about Fashion
A. Take a class with Craftsy: Learn to Sew: Pajama Pants
B. Buy a light table so I can draw better (fashion ideas)
C. Come up with 2 amazing ideas every night and keep them in my portfolio
D. Maybe find an online fashion class that I can take??
4. Improve my Archery
A. Shoot 2 times a week
5. Finish My Life Fred book (all middle school series)
A. Do one chapter every day –  5 days a week

1. I want to read my “Ever After High Books” by myself
A. Read a chapter of “Emily Windsnap” book every night
B Read all three books by the end of the year
2. One craft did a month for my dolls or lego that I can play with
A Come up with an idea
B. Get supplies needed
C. Complete the project within 30 days or I need to throw it away ;(
E. Take a class with Craftsy: Online Paper Crafts Class
3. Learn one new clay technique a month with
A. Watch a video with my mom  “The Polymer Clay Tutorials
B Finish the item and put it on the internet to sell
4. Make one fun item to sell for a month (fairy stuff)
A Come up with an idea
B. Draw out what I want to make
C. Complete the item and put it on a website to sell
5. Finish My Life Fred book (all middle school series)
A. Do one chapter every day –  5 days a week

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    • Rose, I love that you have the older kids write down their goals. It is a great practice to get start at a young age so hopefully it will help them succeed later in life (which I know they will:).

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