How to Park a big Honking truck in downtown Chicago

Like most Fulltime families we have a big huge truck that pull our 5th wheel to all of our amazing locations.  The problem that we always have, is how to park a big truck or car in downtown Chicago.  Not only is downtown Chicago the windy city but it has a lot of one way streets with lots of people and cars going every which direction.

IMG_9247My bucket list has all the major cities on it and Chicago was one of those.  I was super excited to visit this great bustling city and see Gruncle Tom and Aaron (the girls have happily rename my Uncle, which means Great Uncle).  Unfortunately we missed Gruncle Aaron because he had to go to work, but we did have a great brunch with Gruncle Tom. He has been my mentor for Unschooling and the person who that talked me into trying it, which was one of my best decisions.

So the big question is how do you park a car or huge truck in downtown Chicago and what do you go see if you only have a couple of hours?  We wanted to be heading back to the KOA, which was an hour and half from the city (or that how long it took us to get back with all the crazy traffic). The first thing you will need is a handy app….Spot Hero. It’s a free app that shows you parking spots in major cities like: Chicago, New Orléans, Baltimore, New York, etc.

downtown ChicagoWe decided just to go window shopping because while we were driving around looking for a spot we found the Disney Store, American Girl Doll store, a Macy that was 6 stories high.  The Macy’s only took up half of every level and other stores were dispersed throughout, like the Dr Seuss Art Gallery, Lego store, Starbucks, Bear store, just to name a few. After we parked and we just started walking, the girls got to visit their very first Tiffany’s and look at al the pretty diamonds.

downtown ChicagoWe finished our day eating the very famous Chicago style pizza. Giordano’s Pizzeria is the best pizza in the world (just ask anyone from Chicago) and they did not disappoint.  Our service was not the best but we were in Dubois for four months so anything is an improvement.   This pizza is huge, with not one but two layers of yummy cheese, crust in the middle of the layers and the topping on top with even more cheese. It took over 45 minutes to cook (which is normal) and you have to eat it with a fork.

Here are some other things you can do with kids in Chicago:

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