How to became a small business owner at age 12

Really, Isabelle, my daughter became a small business owner and sells her jewelry on Amazon Handmade.  She really started this two years ago but this year she decided to get serious.  Any child or adult can own their own business, make a product and sell it online.  Now, will it pay your bills, let you quit that job?  Honestly, that is up to you and how much you work to make your dreams come true.

img_5106My daughter became a small business owner to make money, bottom line. First, let me start out by saying yes we are going to try and get you to buy our jewelry. Why, you might ask, because it is awesome and my daughter and I made it.  The price is right and they are cute and adorable. I actually make polymer clay jewelry all the time and she joins in when the mood strikes.  She has decided this year she wants to make something to sell twice a month.

How we make our jewelry

img_5108Here is how it works, more or less.  We find a video that we like and watch it together.  I then help her through the steps,  we cure the clay in the oven, sand it, and then do the wirework.  Most of the time she needs help with the sanding and wirework but she is getting better each time. We then, discuss the cost to make, packaging cost, mailing, and her labor costs. We put the numbers into an excel spreadsheet and figure out the price we should charge.  She helps me take pictures and then I put them on Amazon Handmade.  Belle’s favorite part is making the items out of polymer clay, so that is our main focus.

What we are learning

img_3591The best part of this learning process is she is Unschooling. She is doing science, art, language arts, computer skills, math, and following directions. She is learning how to take professional pictures and edit them.  Belle has to find time in her busy schedule to make the items and finish them from start to finish (which is the toughest part). She may be 12 years old but she is doing things that adults do to make a living and bonus she has sold a lot of her work. Here is the hint, if you see more than one item then she has made one and I have made one, and you will not be able to tell them apart.

Here are some great resources if you or your little one would like to start a craft business:

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