How do you deal with co-op class your kids hate

You found a co-op class that you think your kids will love. Bonus, it will prepare them for the future. The problem, you already paid for it, and it wasn’t cheap.  Now your kids hate it and won’t stop whining.

So, how do you deal with a co-op class your kids’ hate?

That my friends may be the ultimate question. I signed my kids up for the homeschool Dave Ramsey class with a church-affiliated group. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with the church group, but we aren’t religious. Sometimes they have problems with us, but that’s another discussion for another day and time.

Dave Ramsey is a National best-selling author and radio host. He teaches you about budgeting, how to beat debt, & build a legacy. I think he is amazing and his book helped my husband, and I become completely debt free. We have not credit card debt and NO house payments. I loved the idea of my kids taking the co-op class and learning about money.

The co-op class only meets once a week with tests, handouts, videos, a discussion in class. The girls hate tests and handouts, mainly because we Unschool and haven’t taken tests in years. My main goal with all learning is for them to understand the material, not worry about a grade.  We go over test one question at a time, and they verbally tell me what they think the answer should be. I then give them the correct answer, and we discuss it. If one or both chooses the wrong answer, we discuss it. The girls keep telling me they and two other kids are the only ones answering questions in co-op class ( which makes them feel good).

How do you deal with whining kids?

Ignore them when they are whining. Remember, their kids and are testing you. Mine wants me to give in and let them drop the co-op class. They hope I won’t make them do the handouts or tests. We found a way around it, and I help them with both. My husband even gets in on the discussion because just like the kids he wants to know the answers. My advice: Stand your ground, it’s only for a couple of months. It teaches them to appreciate how much freedom they have compared to “normal” kids (kids that go to brick and mortar school). Also, have fun you might learn a little too.

My only complaint about the whole course is that he has a lot of negative things to say about car dealers.  Most don’t know but my family has been part of the car business for over 50 years and not every car dealer is a crook. Also, he pushes going to college and getting a degree.  I don’t believe college is for everyone and think there are other paths you can take to be successful.  I guess that’s a post for the future.

Dave Ramsey course is not being promoted here. He said my website was too small and wouldn’t allow it. I still think he has got great ideas and would love you and your family to be debt free, like us.

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