Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Nevada is a huge desert (I miss grass) that has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of America.  Lake Mead is surrounded by huge mountains with amazing views of the night sky.  We loved staying at the RV Village right next to the state park, mainly because it had full hookups.  The spaces were a little tight but the park served its purpose which is just fine with us, where are not picky these days.

Jr. ranger badge On the first day, we went to the Visitors Center for Lake Mead and the girls did their Jr. Ranger Badges.  This time we were able to put stamps in our Passports for this park (our Granny and Grandad bought those at Grand Canyon for us).  We watched a really informative movie about Lake Mead and went exploring the harbor and some other places along the beaches.

On the second day, we went to visit the Hoover Dam.  Ok so here is a hint to save money ifHoover dam you don’t mind walking a bit.  If you drive over the dam there is a parking lot for trucks and cars, it’s free ($10 to park in the garage) and you only have to walk a little bit.  Getting into the visitor center at the Hoover Dam cost $10 per person and $15 per person to take a tour.  The kicker is you have to go through a metal detector and they wouldn’t let Rubber Ducky take his knife in – so we decided to save $100 and just walk across ourselves and do the research online.  It was amazing to look down from the middle of the dam and see the new bridge that bypasses the dam.  Munchy wants them to build a zip line that goes from Nevada to Arizona (yes she is crazy).

On the third day, we just rested and hung out at the camper and got caught up on our smash book,  time for a new one. On the fourth day, we had movie day because we all decided to be lazy – those days are really necessary when you do school every day – and that is one of the things I love about homeschooling – you can be lazy any day of the week you want! We did take a small trip into Las Vegas to check out Bass Pro Shop and we got to see a mermaid at the casino that was attached to the store (only in Vegas).

IMG_3623 IMG_3622

Historic Railroad TrailOn the fifth day, we took a hike down the Historic Railroad Trail which only took us one hour and a half and it was 3.7 miles to the dam (a total of 7.7miles).  We only hiked six miles because we didn’t go all the way to the dam.  I suggest if anyone wants to try to hike the trial wear very good walking shoes and bring lots of water.  The really neat part of the walk was the four tunnels that were built to transport penstock sections and large equipment for the dam. Munchy also got to take some pictures during our walk but she had to go potty so bad that she ran the last mile back – good thing she is a fast runner.

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