Homolvi State Park and Hopi People

IMG_3874Why did the Hopi leave Homolovi? Why did we find so many fragments of pots? Why is this land still sacred to Hopi? These are the questions the girls thought of as we headed out to Homolvi State Park to see the only two sites that are still open to the public, Homolovi I and Homolovi II.

We stayed at the Homolovi State Park in Winslow, Arizona.  The park was beautiful and the site was huge.  We had a nice pull-through site because they were the only site with a 50 amp hook-up.  The back in sites all had 30 amp hook up and every site had water.  The site was spacious and the view was amazing including the sunsets and the stars at night.  The best part was that we could see Highway 40 but we could not hear it.  Oh, and the showers were clean and had lots of hot (very important) running water.

Homolovi I was the first site we visited and had a gravel path around the structures.  We enjoyed picking up the fragments and looking at the pottery pieces, and reading the signs about the Hopi. The girls were amazed that you could still see some of the structures and how close this site was to the Little Colorado River. The info said they kept getting flooded and this is why they moved back to the Homolovi. Some of the structures were built three stories high (which was amazing).

Homolovi II was wheelchair assessable and the structures were more defined. We believe that the reason we found so many pottery fragments is that they left in a hurry and didn’t take everything.  I loved those rangers, archeologists, and even people like us who have put pottery fragments on rocks so you could identify them. We also learned the Hopi make pilgrimages to the ancient sites and have asked for the land to be left alone.  They believe that land should be given back to Mother Nature when you move on.

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