Can I homeschool with computers?

Can you homeschool with computers? The answer is always yes, heck they are doing it in “public school”.  These kids have a computer lab everyday, and they do their homework on the computer. Unschoolers primarily use the iPad/computer as their main source of education, ok I do, I can’t speak for other unschoolers.  We love the Apple iPad 2 because there are so many educational apps, and they are so much fun they don’t even know they are learning anything.  We use the computer a lot also, and I have found tons of educational games.

20121129-203158.jpgLet’s take the games the girls were playing today wizard 101, animal jam and jump-start. They are all role-playing games and all have mini games to get coins to buy clothes, animals and stuff for your house. The kids have to know how to type to talk to other players, read so they can play the mini games, and be able to add up their money to know if they have enough to buy. Animal Jam you get to watch education video on animals and plants. You get to find facts about plants and animals, play mini math and reading games. Jump Start you do math, reading, art, take care of a virtual animal, earn money and met people from all over the world. Wizard 101 you learn spells, read a lot, and they have met tons of other kids.

No I don’t let them play all day every day but why not let them have a day of fun game playing and honestly they don’t want to play it all day because they get frustrated and they want to see what I am doing, so they quit off and on all day.

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20121129-203617.jpgWe also took another clay class on how to make millefiori LT.logo3canes – Belle did this and Mac just helped me with one – she likes to just roll the clay in the pasta machine, but she will come around. We are finding lots of free classes on, which is a great resource for learning anything. I did a couple also – so check them out….

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