History at a rest stop off Highway 95

History at a rest stopWho knew you could learn a little history at a rest stop, while everyone takes turns to go potty.  We were traveling down the highway on our way to our next destination when we stopped to stretch our legs.  Mac pointed out  2 historical markers and we went over to read them.  This is one of the great things about Unschooling, history is everywhere even in rest areas.

IMG_1440 IMG_1439

At the next Rest Stop, we found the neatest birds.  The girls got so excited that we video them because they were talking to each other.  Then the girls google them and found out they were Sandhill Cranes.  The Sandhill Crane is non-migratory and has only one mate. The girls noticed they were laying on some eggs and we think that the rest area used to be a marsh area and that is why they were there.

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