Hike to Riverwalk and the center of San Antonio

Staying in a big city is always a challenge trying to find inexpensive ways to entertain the kids and find things you can do that won’t break your bank.  Tour and a hike to Riverwalk are always a good inexpensive way to see a town. A lot of times a google “what to do with kids in XX city” and many websites pop up.  My favorite websites are Trip Advisor, and Road Tripper, and those cute websites I find along the way like San Antonio Mom Blog.  These are the best blogs because this mom really knows the city and try to blog about places they would take their kids.

hike to riverwalkOur adventure started at Pearl  Brewery company and as luck had it we ran into a farmers market.  Sometimes I forget what day of the week it is and this Saturday happens to be a farmers market (they actually have one every Saturday).  We wandered around tasting some yummy goodies, talking to the vendors, and then started on our walk to Riverwalk and the heart of San Antonio.

hike to riverwalk san antonioThe walk was about five miles round trip but well worth it for the sites, history, and beautiful scenery.  We learned even more history along the way with all the historical signs.  We saw baby ducks along the way beautiful native plants, and lots of improvement projects.  We noticed that there were hidden paintings along the route so look up and under the bridges.  Our favorite was a tunnel with a carved face in the stone.

Once we made it to Riverwalk to made a pitstop at Esquire Tavern which is known for having the longest wooden bar in Texas, 122 feet.  We made our way center of San Antonio at The San Fernando Cathedral where men who died in the Alamo are buried.  The church also hosts a video 3 days a week that shows the history of Texas on the outside of the church that we hope t see before we leave.  Another fun fact the GPS actual center of San Antonio is the Cathedral and like many European cities, the town was built around it.

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