Happy not back to School Day for Unschoolers and goals for the year

Happy not back to School Day for Unschoolers

Happy not back to School Day for Unschoolers and goals for the year. We will not be going back to a brick-and-mortar school where we get to sit in our desks for eight hours.  They will not take a bus ride that picks us up at the crack of dawn.  We will not be taking tests, doing workbook sheets, following any common core, and doing no homework.  The kids will be Unschooling again for the 5th year in a row, having fun LEARNING (yes learning).

We will be traveling across the US in our 5th wheel and (hopefully) Canada. The girls will learn geography as we help our dad navigate the roads. Visiting lots of science and technology museums, historical sites, national parks, zoos, and aquariums. We will read about them in books because we want to, not because some guy from Common Core land told me I had to.  They might just read for fun, or google it.

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Our goals for the year

We actually did something a little different this year, we set goals for ourselves every month.  The plan is to accomplish these goals and if we succeed we get a reward. So here is our plan for the year, now keep in mind this may change tomorrow, next week, or even halfway through the year.  Heck, we might forget the whole thing and do something completely different…..

  • Read (audiobooks) all the Percy Jackson books and watch the movies. We will discuss mythology in great detail and the differences between the movies and books.
  • Read (audiobooks) the last book of Harry Potter, Oz Family Collection, Kingdom Keepers. We will also read and listen to books on the library app, Overdrive, and booksshouldbefree.com.
  • We will also do some edible science experiments, science museums, mythology, geography, economics, writing, history, and whatever else we find that sounds like fun!
  • Learn how to mod in Minecraft.  We will be trying out a new beta version and learning how to program using Learn to Mod and getting college credit, but I will be talking more about that on Wednesday!!
  • Mac – Archery lessons, Life of Fred middle school book series (including pre-algebra), read a chapter of her book a day, blog 2x a week, and learn French
  • Belle – Art classes (Polymer Clay), Life of Fred Intermediate series, read a chapter of her book a day, blog 2x a week, and learn French

We have used and love audible books and found a great review of how it works right here.

Reward ideas

Mini rewards for each week are 30-minute movie downloads onto our iPads. Mac reward if she accomplishes her goal for the week is a movie at a movie theater with popcorn, candy, drinks, or horseback riding.  Belle’s reward is to go to an amusement park, water park, or something like that, skate at a skating ring, or Eat out (like Dairy Queen).

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