Grow a Pumpkin Plant without a traditional pot – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Experiments

Pumpkin PlantCan you grow a pumpkin without a traditional pot?  In our second experiment, we wanted to see if we could grow a pumpkin from the pumpkin seed that are already inside a pumpkin when you open it up.

Here is what you need to grow a Pumpkin Plant:

  • Pumpkin – any size
  • Potting soil
  • Knife and saw
  • Watering can
  • Adult supervision – to cut open the pumpkin
  • Child to help put in soil and help cut top off pumpkin

To grow your Pumpkin Plant, start by cutting the top off the pumpkin, we used a saw to cut the top off and the girls got to help.  Then we used a knife to cut into the pumpkin and cut around to open it up. Do not clean out the “guts” and the seeds.  Add potting soil and use your water can to water the pumpkin.  Water as need and the pumpkin seeds will germinate in 100 days, so we will have an update in 3-4 months around January 2014.

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