Gloups last day was in a land far, far away watching the Osborn Lights

Gloups last day in the USA was in a land far, far away watching the Osborn Lights. We started our day in Epcot with a trip around the world, couple of rides like Space Mountain and Test Track.  Then we made our way to Hollywood Studios where Star Wars and the Osborn lights were our destinations.

Osborn LightsThat right, we visit the new Star Tours where we saw props from the new Star Wars movie, spacecraft models,  and concept painting of all the Star War movies. Gloups was super excited to meet Chewbacca, who was intrigued with Gloups.  We also got asked to exchange a pen for water bottle by Jawas, which made everyone laugh.  Unfortunately Darth Vader had a long line to enter  the dark side but we did get to see a short film about how the Star Wars movie was made (behind the scenes).

Osborn LightsThe night ended with a very special treat, Osborn Specticle of Dancing Lights.  The word on the street is this is the last year to see them.  Thats right folks the most amazing light show will be gone for ever.  We did a little research and found out a couple facts about the lights:

  • There are over 8 million lights that dance to Christmas music.
  • It takes over 20,000 man hours to set up the light every year.
  • Osborn Lights was a gift for his daughter, Breezy
  • Each year he added more light display and the neighbors got upset and sued
  • Disney agreed to display the light at Hollywood Studios and has been there every year since 2004
  • Each year you can find hidden mickeys,  purple back cat –a purple cat from the Osborne’s Halloween display was accidentally sent along with the Christmas lights. The cat is now part of the holiday display and is hidden in a different spot each year for guests to find.
  • Tie Wraps: 1,000,000
  • Christmas lights (in miles): 350
  • Number of angels: 150
  • Number of watts of electricity: 800,000
  • Extension cords (in miles): 32.2















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