Gloups adventure at the White Oaks Conservation Center

Gloups had so much fun yesterday he could barley sleep.  He was up bright and early and had breakfast with the girls, (milk, cereal and orange juice). Everyone lined up in their cars and headed to White Oaks Conservation Center.

White Oaks Conservation

Gloups eating breakfast with the girls

At  White Oaks Conservation, Gloups got to pet a cheetah, feed a giraffe, visit an okapi (cousin to the giraffe),  gazelle, and an baby rhino.  He learned about dinosaurs, and he learned that White Oaks breed Florida Panther, which they raise and release into the wild.  On the way to dinner Gloups got to drive a French car, Renault… How cool is that!!  After taking a tour of White Oaks  then the car club ate dinner and crazy Gloups tried the eat all the mayo and Ketchup.



On their way home from White Oaks Conservation Center Gloups rode in a French car, 1914 Renault.

White Oaks Conservation IMG_0406 IMG_0405










Gloups loves taking Selfies with the girls so here are all the ones we have so far.  He sure is a silly puppet.


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