Geocaching fun free things to do with your kids

Have you ever been geocaching or unsure what it is?  It is actually a really fun thing you can do with your kids or by yourself for free.  Believe it or not it is something you can do all over the world and you really only need to bring a few basic tools with you.  All you need is an Android or iPhone, some good walking shoes and toy that you can trade.

geocachingHow does geocaching work, and what is it?  It’s easy, you simply download the app (which is free), click on one of the green dots close to you and follow the directions.  Geocache is a box that is logged with GPS coördinates that is a treasure hunt. They give you clues if you are having trouble finding the cache, you can look to see if and when someone found the geocache last, and best part is that you can log all the caches you find.  They come in sizes from extra small to super large.  We like the small to large cache because they usually have more toys inside.  Once you find the cache sign the log book or tiny piece of paper and then you can put one small toy inside the box  (McDonald kids toys work great) and exchange it for another one and of course make sure you hide the cache back where you found it.

IMG_7479We spent the day finding cache after cache at Cedar Hill State Park.  They were at every single bathroom, picnic area, and even in the woods at some locations.  They ranged in size extra small to large but there were not a lot of toys inside each cache.  The girls were a little disappointed so we just left some paper airplanes so other kids would have something to choose from.  Geocaching is fun for the family and teaches map reading, how to use a compass, determine distance and directions by comparing a map to the “real world.” It can teach problem or puzzle-solving skills in a manner of different ways. These can be math equations or even a physical puzzle, but no matter the type of problem, participants will be motivated to solve them so that they can reach the next, and ultimately the final, geocache location.

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