Unschooling or fun school

The best day ever, Unschooling craft day or as my daughter says Fun School!  I asked her today to describe Unschooling and she said we have Fun school mom, we love  to learn, we like to do school stuff, we have fun, we love school!!

IMG_1752Actually what we did art all day.  Munchy decided she wanted to make bracelets to sell on Etsy, Macbelle’s Little Creation shop.  She is on another kick to get an animal and has decided if she can pay for it, I will her get one.  Huggy wants to go a Disney Cruise, and I told her that if she raises half the money I will pay for the other half.


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Here are a few bracelets Munchy made and the clay pens Huggy made.  She got all the clay beads that I had made and some plastic and glass beads layed out the design and then I helped her tie a surgical knot.  While Munchy was making her bracelets for kids, Huggy and I worked on 4 polymer clay pens.  She made a father’s day pen with lots of ties, bunny and carrot pen, black and yellow flower pen, and an octopus pen.  They turned out really cute and I only had to help a little bit.

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Last week was also our last art class where we meet the Masters.  This week the ghoul scouts painted Minnie Evans. 

Minnie Evans was born in Long Creek, North Carolina, to a Southern black family who traced their origins to Trinidad. Most of her images were inspired by dreams.





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