Fulltime Families Scavenger Hunt at Castaway Rally

Our all-time favorite activity at the Fulltime Families Castaway Rally was the scavenger hunt.  It was educational, fun, entertaining, and, best of all, it kept the girls entertained for hours.  Instead of our family (or me) taking all the pictures, I enlisted the girls to get as many pictures as they could.  They had a blast running around with their trusty iPhones, taking silly pictures, and getting as creative as possible to earn even more points.

Fulltime Families scavenger hunt

Fulltime Family Sticker

What did all this running around get the girls in the end?  The girls received a bucket of points, which in turn got tickets that allowed them to bid on all the items at the auction.  I loved the way they did the auction this year because every family got a prize, small or big.

I know you are all waiting for the silly pics:

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