Fossil Hunting at Falls of the Ohio State Park


Fossil hunting is always fun especially when you get to climb on dangerous slick rocks.  We had so much fun getting lost because of all the road construction right at the Ohio border and spending time with Aunt Peggy.  This 390-million-year-old fossil bed is located right on the Ohio river among the largest naturally exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world.

IMG_6071The falls were a great place to learn about geology, fossils, nature, and history!  We were able to walk on the exposed fossil bed and found hundreds of exposed fossils.  Some had been broken off from the rocks, but fossil and rock collecting is not allowed inside the state park, so we had to leave them for others to enjoy.   The state park has a wonderful museum with a movie to start your adventure.  The best part is they had a skeleton of a Columbian Mammoth that was brought from another site (Hugg’s favorite).  On display, they had a tusk of a wooly mammoth which was found down the river in 1994. We learned more about the Lewis and Clark expedition and stood in the same spot where it all began. It was exciting to see the spot where Captain William Clark selected nine young men from Kentucky as the first members of the Corps of Discovery on October 14, 1803. Our Aunt Margie says some of our ancestors were in the Corps, but we can neither confirm nor deny this at this time.

IMG_6078After exploring the exposed rock, we made our way to the back of the park and got to sift through piles of rocks and look for real fossils. The neat part about these rocks is that you can take these home and search for as long as you like.  We found all kinds of goodies including fools’ gold (iron pyrite).  The girls had a lot of fun trying to break apart some of the rocks we found.

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