Five ways to make your Unschool Vacation awesome

Check out five ways to make Unschool Vacation awesome. Now that we are stationary we love taking Unschool vacations. We traveled for four years in an RV and learned lots of tricks to make vacations enjoyable. We love making them educational and super fun.

First, invite friends or family to spend the week with you

We have met some pretty amazing people on the road and some we have stayed very close to. Our second #McChruch adventure was the past week to Atlanta with our good friends the Church’s. It’s rare when the kids and adults all get along and want to spend a whole week together.

I suggest inviting your closes friends or family to spend your vacation with you. Sometimes its also nice to get away but always more fun when you have others to share it with.

Second, stay close to all the sites you want to visitOur plan was to visit as many museums and historic sites as we could fit in one week. We splurged and stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn, which was across the street from Olympic Park. Both families did not want to drive in Atlanta traffic, so we chose a place very close to most of the museums. If it was more than a mile away we got a Lyft or Uber and meet some amazing people along the way.

Third, get a behind the scenes tour

Our first Unschool Vacation was the Georgia Aquarium to see the four huge whale sharks. We also did a behind the scene tour, called Behind the Seas, for only $15 more. It was awesome to learn how they feed the fish, history of the museum and look at the tanks from up above. Included in the price are the dolphin show, sea lion and feeding of several sea animals. The aquarium has two stories with more fish than we could all count. We had a blast at the petting sea animal area, where we got to touch stingrays, starfish, and crawfish.

Forth, see if you can find a coupon to save you money

We found a great coupon that would have gotten us into most of the sites and saved us about $35 a person but decided not to use it. We decided not to get it because at the time we were not sure which places we wanted to visit.

The Atlanta City Pass gets you into the following:

Fifth, have fun and enjoy your time with your family

The reason you are taking a vacation is to get away and enjoy time with your family. Over the years I have learned to roll with the punches and not to let anything bother me. Just remember, everything is fixable and it will all work out in the end.

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