Farmers Market plus Medieval Sword Fighting

20130515-195904.jpgThis Saturday we went to the Forsyth farmers market that they have every week.  I figure it’s a great way to teach the girls more about what you can buy at farms, how much healthier it is, and how you can support your local farmers.  The girls were very excited because we saw The Hunter Cattle Co, the farm we went and visited several weeks ago.  We wanted to figure out what you could buy at the market, and what was in season.  The girls got to hoopla-hoop and jump rope while I looked around.

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The farmers market at Forsyth had tons of people, but the most interesting was few guys dressed up in middle ages custom   getting ready to sword fight.  So I stopped and talked to them and found out that they are, part of the Shire of Forth Castle, Organization which recreates the idyllic life of the middle ages.

The best part of the day is when they saw the ice cream truck.  I gave the girls each $5 and sent them running toward the truck.  I seriously have never seen them run so fast.  The ice-cream truck lady was laughing so hard she couldn’t even ask them what they wanted.

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