Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road

Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road really has no rules at all because the goal of unschooling is to do what interests the child.  When you talk about Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road there really is only one rule.  If your child is interested in art like my youngest daughter then get lots of art supplies that will fuel their interest.

Craftsy One way to make it easier on you as a parent is to get a subscription to Craftsy.  You can log in and take as many craft classes as you like for one low price. They offer classes on anything from jewelry classes, Free online painting classes, and Photographing Flowers.

The second way, if you are like me, take your child to the art store and buy whatever interests them.  My daughter is interested in making things out of clay because I am interested in it. She loves to draw and paint so we have a craft bag. It is filled with different kinds of paper, pencils, chalk, pastels, and paint so she can do whatever art she desires that day.

Here is our story about Hugg’s clay animals:

Hugs love making clay characters out of polymer clay. We have been downsizing a lot of things in the camper including the girl’s toys.  I have made a rule that they are not allowed to buy any more toys because we already have way too many.  The girls believe it or not still play with American Girl dolls, Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop, and Monster High Dolls.  I actually love that they still do because they are not getting influenced by kids that go to normal school to tell them that they are too big to play with them.  Most of the time they play board games and have their dolls play with them.

Recently Hugs decided that every one of her Monster High Dolls needed a pet. I would not let her buy one for each doll, so she decided to make them out of polymer clay.  We Googled what each pet looked like and she got to work.  I am so proud of not only how creative she is but how resourceful.

Here are some Christmas Ornaments I have made $5 for each.

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