Fairy Utopia

Fairy Utopia – homes for fairies 

20130430-144859.jpgWe need fairy homes for homeless fairies, there are so many but you may not see them because they love to stay out of sight.  Homes need to be made for all the fairies young and old, cooking fairies, pots and pans fairies, tinker fairies and even for fashion design fairies.

The girls had so much fun making tons of fairy homes and today we put them in a hollowed out tree down the path from our house.  We put blue pebble on the ground to make a path (sidewalk) from one big house to the other.  Then Belle put some hooks on the outside of the tree to hang some of the smaller houses. We even had a lady in a golf cart stop by while we were finishing up to tell us how excited she was that the fairy houses were back. The plan is to make more houses and put them done the path from the marina back to fairy utopia.

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