Fairy Doors Made with Love and Little Fairy Dust

Have you ever wanted a fairy to come to live in your house or your garden to bring gifts and good luck?  We learned how to make a portal into the fairy world by using Premo polymer clay, a class from our favorite mentor, Cindy Lietz at Polymer Clay Tutor, and of course a little love, imagination, and pixie dust.

Fairy Doors Made with LoveSo fly with us as we’ll show you how we made doors into the fairy world!

We won’t actually show you step by step but just how Hugs got her ideas and why she made the doors she did.  Hugs got so excited this week because our weekly course offered a class on how to make fairy doors.  Mrs. Cindy (our clay tutor mentor) did a series of six videos that show from start to finish how to make clay masterpieces.

Hugs decided to make six doors. Four have brick around the door, and two have stone around the door.  She decided to make a door for each of the main fairies because she is reading the series Never Girls and is flying through each story (I think they are a little too easy for her, but she loves them and loves reading). I am super impressed with how she has been doing her research on each fairy (we Google pictures), and we have been watching every fairy movie we own for ideas.

This is why I love Unschooling and one reason it works for our family.  Belle had to use math, measurements, geometry, and percentage of clay to profit, and we made an online shop to sell her fairy doors.  She used color design, and art learned about different mediums, took a class online for adults, and executed the whole door by herself.  We discussed what the best price would be for selling the door based on how much she had spent on clay and her time versus what someone might pay.  Priced too high: she won’t sell any, too low she won’t make any profit.  Who knew at age ten you could have your own business doing a labor of love?

If anyone wants a fairy or gnome door, please visit her store MACbelle’s Creations. Hugs would be happy to make it.  They are about five inches tall and cost $8 each. They take several days to make and there are several steps involved.

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