Immerce your kids in science and art by going to museums

I love to immerse my kids in science at art by going to museums all over the country, like the Museum of Science and Art in Macon, GA. Sometimes it’s hard to get kids excited about certain subjects and visiting a hands-on, interactive museum always helps. Don’t get me wrong blowing things up by using science is always fun too.

img_0964We had a blast at the Museum of art and science in Macon GA. Every kind of science was available for kids to play with, learn about, and interact with. We started off with learning about the arts, sculpture, and paintings. We were only able to see a few rooms since they were working on new exhibits. Our favorite was the pots with faces all over them and the abstract paintings.

img_0968Next, we made our way to the small history section, a room just for maps and geography, and then made our way to the small petting zoo. We missed the live animal show but made it to the planetarium show, which was free with our Science and Technology Pass. The kids like learning about the stars and constellations in our area and watching a short movie on “How stars are made”. There were interactive exhibits on electricity, weather, gravity and so much more.
popcornWe gave the museum four popcorns out of five but Huggs wished there were more interactive exhibits for older kids. I loved the price, FREE, with our Science and Technology Pass which included a planetarium show and a live animal show (bonus). The museum was one of the smaller ones but was a lot of fun for everyone.

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