Edible Science: The Naked Egg Experiment

This Edible Science experiment is not really for consumption but it is super cool. The Naked Egg Experiment will watch how an egg absorbs water and how it leaches it out. It was amazing to wake up and see the differences between the two eggs. The first

Edible Science: The Naked Egg Experiment
Recipe Type: STEAM
Cuisine: Edible Science
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  • 2 eggs – with shells dissolved
  • Clear cups
  • Water
  • Corn Syrup
  1. Do the Disappearing Egg Shell Experiment first, dissolve at least 2 eggs in vinegar for 48 hours
  2. Label each cup, with water, and corn syrup
  3. Pour water over the first egg and corn syrup over the second egg
  4. Wait overnight to see what happens – about 8 hours


Which liquid will make an egg shrink?

What we discovered

We discovered that the egg in the water grew about twice as big because it absorbed the water. While the egg in the corn syrup defaulted and got smaller because it reassessed all its water. – a very cool experiment.

The science behind it:

Another way to show “Osmosis” with an egg this time. Because there is a higher concentration in the cup than in the egg it will absorb the water. This will increase the size of the egg. On the other hand, in the corn syrup, the egg had more water so it leached out of the egg and into the cup. This made the egg collapse and look like a flat balloon.

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