Edible Science: Juice Taste Test

Edible Science is science you can eat, we hope.  Ok, maybe most things you can eat or drink in this case. We came up with a hypothesis: Can your nose smell as good as your tongue? Last week Edible Science experiment we learned about our taste buds. We thought this week we would learn about our nose.  We had a little fun trying to trick the kids with the Juice Taste Test.

Juice Taste Test

What you need:

  • img_2742.jpg5 different kind of juices
  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Apple
  • Cranberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Pen and Paper
  • small paper Dixie cups
  • food coloring
  • We also suggest water, 7up, lemonade, apple, sprite, Gatorade

What you do:

    1. Send the participants out of the room
    2. Number each Dixie cup 1-5
    3. Fill each cup with a different juice and write which juice is in which cup by number
    4. Color each cup with food coloring
    5. Bring partners back in room
    6. Ask each participant to hold nose and guess what flavor
    7. Next, have participants smell each drink and guess the flavor
    8. Discuss which way works the best and why

What we discovered

We found out that your nose tastes more than your tongue.  We suggest that you use light-colored drinks so they can be easily colored to fool the eye. Try water, 7Up, Apple, Gatorade would be great suggestions. I had both girls go inside while I numbered the cups and added food coloring. Our conclusion, that closing your eyes and smelling the liquid works best because our nose can taste better than our tongue.  


Number Flavor Color Nose


Apple Blue Apple Apple Apple Apple


Pomagranite Blue/Purple Pomagranite Grape Pomagranite Pomagranite


Cranberry Purple Cranberry Cranberry Cranberry Cranberry


Orange Pink Orange Orange Orange Orange


Grape Brown/Yellow Grape Pomagranite grape grape

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