Easy DIY Stained glass kids and parents will love

This is an easy DIY stained glass that kids will love making and parents will be amazed how easy it is to clean up. We had fun trying different things, cleaning it up and trying something else. Follow as we learn the best things that work and what does not. The best part of this project is you get free labor to wash your windows, and vinegar works the best.

What not to do with paint/glue mixture

Our first go-around, we actually just winged it, and it did not turn out so great. We tried lots of clear glue and only a few drops of paint. This didn’t have enough paint to show up on the window. Second, we tried to add a LOT more paint and it seemed to work better. The only problem, we had to paint several layers and the glue/paint mixture began to drip too much. Belle learned that a little glue (size of a quarter) and huge goop of paint works the best. Keep in mind that less is more, but if a child is happy with results then everyone is happy.

Black lines do and don’ts

There are several different ways to make black lines. You can add black acrylic paint to a bottle of the white glue. The only problem is since the glass is vertical (windows in front f the house), by squeezing too much glue the paint would start to drip. Next, we tried a sharpie pen to draw the lines but the black paint/glue mixture would not stick to the glass. Our next idea was using a paintbrush, but again if you used too much it would start to drip. We settled on just plain acrylic black paint and a paintbrush, which stuck very well to the glass.

Stained Glass Ingredients

  • Vinegar
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Acrylic Paint – several colors
  • cupcake pan
  • paintbrushes – one for each color
  • stirring sticks
  • clear Glue

DIY stained glass

  1. Wash the windows with Vinegar, which works much better than glass cleaner
  2. Paint the black lines on the glass and let dry for a couple of hours.
  3. You can do hidden Mickey’s or flowers for fun
  4. put a dollop of clear glue in each cup of the cupcake pan – about the size of a quarter
  5. Mix the glue and paint
  6. Use the glue/paint mixture to fill in areas between the black lines

Great video I found on DIY stained glass

Another idea to keep your kids buys is to make gingerbread or sugar cookies. Belle loves gingerbread more than sugar cookies so in Unschool style she made several batches. The worst part is we had to try each one and give her feedback. After she found her favorite recipe, she made enough to make a house, used geometry to make sure if fit together well. Then, Belle, had a blast decorating it. She has moved on to finding recipes for eggless chocolate cake, and truffles. Belle has now moved on to chicken and waffles.

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