20 fun facts about Dr. Seuss

The girls came up with 20 fun facts about Dr. Seuss.  The girls made videos and told these awesome, silly facts about the greatest writer that ever lived. We finished Dr. Seuss today and here are all the facts we learned:

  • Joined the army age 38 – was sent to Hollywood to make movies
  • Made Private Snafu – who did everything wrong
  • Won 2 Oscars for movies
  • Bought  an observation tower in La Jolla  CA
  • Wrote Horton hears a Who – about Japanese children
  • Helen got an Iron lung – for illness and got better
  • Got an Honorary doctorate at Dartmouth – made father very happy


This is the last couple facts we learned:

  • Teachers hated Cat in the Hat because it was too much like a comic book
  • Teachers would hide the book even though kid loved it
  • Had his own Publishing house for children books
  • Green Eggs and Ham was a bet – $50 to make a book with 50 words – Dr. Seuss won
  • created the Grinch
  • Grinch tv show was drawn by Chuck Jones who made Grinch color Green
  • His book are written in 20 languages
  • 2nd marriage was to a women who did not know who he was
  • Lorax was written when he realized all trees were gone from where he lived


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