Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse Races

When I think of cowboys, I think of the Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse races that are held every year in Dubois, WY.  Not only is it great fun for the town but is a family get together for many generations, and lots activities for the kids.

Packhorse RacesThe men competed on Saturday and the old timers and women on Sunday.  I was told by a local that these games have going on for over 35+ years. The races have two people, three horses which include one stock horse or mule (donkey) that carries all the gear.  The teams will start by breaking down their camp, pack up the horse, saddle their own horse and trot seven-mile course.  After they unpack the horses and a 15 minute break, they trot the 7-mile course again.  On Sunday the old-timer (with a combined ages 85+) and women will compete in a shorter course, a total of 7 miles course.

Packhorse RacesWe did not make the races Saturday but had a blast Sunday watching the old-timers return and watched the beginning of the women races. Munchy and I walked around and took pictures with her fancy new camera a Nikon 5300.  We got a great deal on Amazon that came with lots of extra bells and whistles.  Huggs played with her new friends, and had a blast participating in all the kids games.

popcornIn Dubois fashion, the games are always start a little late, and are held the second week of June. (this year June 13-14).  The games are FREE to watch and enjoy but are held rain, shine or snow.  We gave the Packhorse races five popcorns our of five popcorns because it was something we had never seen and fun to watch.

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