Do you need a teaching degree to homeschool your children

Do you need a teaching degree to teach your child at home

Do you need a teaching degree to homeschool? The short answer is NO! It is legal to homeschool your child in all 50 states. Also, Unschooling is legal too but sometimes you have to jump through a lot of hoops.

Now some states do require you to have a person with a teaching degree. They need to come in and test you and your child to make sure you are doing your job. They want to make sure your child is learning what they should.

My state doesn’t require a teaching degree

I live in a state where this is not required. The only requirement is that you have to tell the state you are going to homeschool your child. That’s it no special requirements, just love your child and stand back and watch them learn

I bet your next question is it hard? Can I do this without a teaching degree? Yes, it is super easy and so easy you will be asking yourself: Why didn’t I do this sooner. Your job is to help your child find what they love and help them find things to learn about that love. I always say if a child can read and write they can learn anything they set their little minds to.  So, again check your state laws. The best thing is to talk to other homeschool parents from your state to see what they do. We Unschool but if that is not for you, buy a curriculum for some math or reading. Heck, we did for a while and now we do our own thing.

Links on Homeschool laws

Warning… This post is my opinion you need to check local and state laws in the area where you are a resident.

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