Do Unschoolers have to wake up early?

Do Unschoolers have to wake up early? That is up to you and your family, but most of us do not.  Heck some of us sleep till 9 am or 10 am (but I am not naming any names …ME!!).  The one thing I love about homeschooling is that we have no set time we have to be up every day.

Do Unschoolers have to wake up early

Three Reasons to Unschool

The first reason for unschooling is when the “normal” kids go back to school.  Why may you ask?  This is the time of year when we love visiting zoos, museums, and historical parks because they are empty.  We can walk around and enjoy the facility and talk about whatever without screaming rowdy kids running by.

The second reason for unschooling is because it is so relaxed.  I do not plan our Unschool curriculum, I don’t give any tests, and we don’t do workbook sheets.  Why, because the kids don’t want to and they serve no purpose except to keep kids busy. Test only shows how much a child has memorized. I guarantee that if you give him/her the same test a week or month later most would fail it with flying colors.

The third reason to Unschool or road schooled. So, you can travel when you want.  We actually travel in a fifth wheel full-time and have been doing so for almost a year.  The kids have visited more historic sites, learned about history, animals, geography, and important people faster, and retained more than they ever would have in a classroom.  They have because it interested them, they enjoyed it we got excited about it so they got excited about it.

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