Disney Kingdom Keepers Quest at Magic Kingdom

Disney Kingdom Keepers Quest was the best class we have ever taken with our homeschool group.  It was a self-guided adventure through the Magic Kingdom.  It took our group 5 hours to complete the quest because our group was one of the youngest groups.  The 2 high school groups were done in about an hour – mainly because they looked ahead for the answers. In the quest, the kids had to problem solve, visualization, observation skills, creativity, math skills, language arts, and lots of critical thinking.

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How the Quest works

The students were divided into groups of 5 and 6 students with ours only having 5 students, ages 9 and 10.  The requirement was to read the Kingdom Keeper books before the class began.  We only read the first book as a family but plan on reading the rest, after we get them from Santa.  Each group of kids was given one booklet to write in with the questions and one parent was giving the answer booklet to help out as needed.

Buzz Light Year

We actually started off figuring out all the clues before all the other groups till we got to the first ride (Buzz Light Year).  Because of the age of the kids, they really preferred to ride the rides than figure out the problems.  So we actually ended up riding some rides unnecessarily to find answers that really dragged out our quest.  The kids did really good figuring out the answers with little or no help from the answer booklet.  Every parent took lead helping the kids toward the end so we could just get though the quest.

Our thoughts on the Quest

Overall it was everyone’s favorite class and was the most fun for parents and kids.  I wish they would include fast passes for each group to be able to ride the rides as needed.  Hopefully, they will include that as the game gets more popular.  The game is a lot like Source’s Apprentice game but more educational.

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