What is a typical day of unschooling like?

Today was not like any other day because everyday is different when you follow an unschooler or unschooled kid.  We might do some of the same things but maybe do them in a different order, play different games or even just go to a different place to do it.  For instant today we did math like we do every day, but today they did algebra, actually two algebra games: Hands-On Equations 1 – The Fun Way to Learn Algebra and DragonBox+ Algebra and the new Dragon Box 12+ (sorry can’t find link for this one).  It so cool how kids as young as 6 are learning algebra and the best part is I didn’t teach them any of it, they learned it all on their own playing games.

typical day of unschooling typical day of unschooling

The girls woke up around 9 am and started off the day by opting to not get dressed but leave on their pajamas because today would be a pajama day.  They play Wizard’s 101 for about an hour, where they did a quest to earn an animal.  In this game they have to read, do some math, spell and they had to make friends to accomplish some of those quest. Next they watched Phineas and Ferb for a bit and by this time decided they were starving since neither one ate breakfast.

After some lunch and a snack or two I gave each of them a task to clean a certain room.  I worked on my bedroom and bathroom and the laundry, Huggs worked on organizing the shoes and Munchy worked on the Green room by putting stuff away and making the Sofa-Bed (an actual bed that we use as a sofa). Then we took a much-needed break by watching a Psych (one of our favorite shows).

20130911-213400.jpg 20130911-213354.jpg

The girls needed an excuse to put their swimsuits on so they said they would wash my car if I would pay them.  The washing turned into spraying each other with the hose and since only one tire got washed, no one got paid, so they went swimming instead.  We tried out our new fancy metal detector but only found tabs off cans, so we gave up after 10 minutes.

20130911-213406.jpg 20130911-213348.jpg

Last we read for 30 minutes, Huggs is finishing her favorite book Bad Kitty School Daze and Munch is just finished Who Is Jane Goodall? (Who Was…?) and plans to do a book report and read in for YouTube – No promise when.  The girls finished the night by playing more Wizards 101 and Jump Start.

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