Dave Canterbury and hiking at Muscatatuck State Park

We got to meet Dave Canterbury and visit his outdoor store in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ok, we really didn’t get to meet him but we did meet his life-size cutout. As a family, we have watched his videos on YouTube and watched the tv series “Duel Survivor”. I am not a true outdoorsman and if I had a choice I would choose a Holiday Inn any day. We found out that he only visits the store twice and year because of all the appearance he has and Outdoor Pathfinder School in Ohio that he teaches how to survive outdoors.

Dave Canterbury Store

img_4707The store was pretty cool, with three separate outdoor rooms showing all the gear he endorses or has designed for the outdoors. We loved looking at his knives, bags, and camping equipment. Hubby only bought a few things but had his eye on several outdoor items. I think he has some crazy dream is to go survive for a month outdoors with the basics.

Best Mexican Food in Indianapolis

img_4701If you have ever been to Southern California and eaten Mexican food then you will know about Albertos, Adalbertos, and Eribertos. Most of the places are small restaurants run by Mexicans, but some of the best food you can find outside Mexico.  We were so excited to find Leonardo’s with the same awesome Mexican food and menu.  This is inexpensive food that is the best you will ever have.

Muscatatuck State Park

img_4738We are staying at the Muscatatuck State Park with over 10 miles of hiking trails and rock climbing walls. The campground only has 8 full-hook-up sites, but about 40 electric water sites. We decided in a true McIntyre fashion we would hike to the beginning of the park. Of course, we forgot our trail map, trees were torn down, and the blaze signs were missing. So, we got a little turned around and made it about two miles till we found the campground again. Lesson learned though the hike was beautiful and fun to see nature don’t forget your map. We then drove to the rock wall which was behind the Vinegar Mill. The Rock wall is for advanced climbers with their own gear.

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