Make learning fun playing Dart math: Unschool Style

Make learning fun by playing dart math how Unschoolers do it. The girls played dart math today. I bet you are wondering what that is and how to do it. You could do this with nerf guns, darts, rubber bands, or just have them run and touch the number. Heck, let the kids come up with the rules, make it fun.

How to play Dart Math

dart math

Well, it’s a game the girls made up. Here what you will need to play:

  • Marker
  • Cardboard or paper
  • calculator
  • bow and arrow or
  • darts (from a dartboard)

The girls found two boxes and drew different shapes on the box with a permanent marker. Kids wrote different numbers in each shape and around. The girls then took turns trying to hit the numbers and adding them up.

Show kids how to use a calculator

I gave them a calculator to make sure they were adding everything up correctly. The best thing about this game was that it was so fun that they played for a good hour. Not only did they do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and subtraction.

Negative numbers

We even talked about negative numbers. When the girls missed they would take away a certain amount. Mac missed four times in a row and was down by 20 (-20). I made this the perfect time to talk about negative numbers. The girls played this for the next week till it rained and everything got wet.

We also did Khan Academy, have I told you how much I love that site. Belle did subtraction 1. She needed a little encouragement and she did all 10 problems by herself. Mac, on the other hand, did multiplication 3 and then did subtraction 3. She told me that every problem was easy and decided to do 30 problems just to see if she could.

Our library book

  • Experiments in motion
  • Ugly animals
  • Move
  • Amphibians
  • Spider bedtime story
  • 3-D human body

Movies we watched this week

  • Biz kids. What can you do with money
  • Bill nye mammals
  • Human-machine

Bookfair books

  • The knot fairy
  • Try’umsee’s wings
  • The dazzling dollar dude
  • The debt monster

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