Dancing Water – changes colors

We did 2 science experiments — dancing water, and water that changes colors.

First was dancing water….

We added baking soda and citric acid then we added water – When the chemicals are mixed together they let off carbon dioxide which looks like dancing water…

Color changing liquid…. We added red cabbage (which is a neutral) and water in 2 cups.We added citric acid to one and it turned red, and baking soda to the other, which made it turn blueish/green… Then we poured the two back together in one cup which turned it back to neutral and purple….

We worked on Kenx and then Mac did a piano lesson….

Plus all the other stuff like, Rocket Math, Barbie fashion, Animal Jam, then we read 3 books each , then 2 on our own, made a doggy valentine bag, some Valentine cards, watched a movie, Mickey club house and went to the playground and played with a friend.

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