Dallas Zoo: What your favorite animal?

Dallas ZooWhat is your favorite animal?  I love the giraffes and their majestic necks, hubby loves tigers (white tiger is his favorite), Hugs loves tortoises and Munchy loves watching the otters play in the water.  I always have mixed feelings about zoos and the upkeep of animal enclosures.  I am torn because I think wild animals should be free, but on the other hand, many of these animals could be extinct if not for the people that run and operate these zoos and wildlife refuges.

Dallas ZooWith all that said we visited the Dallas Zoo mainly because it sounded like a fun thing to do and we get in for half price because of our reciprocal zoo/aquarium pass. We are members of the Boonshaft Museum in Ohio which get you into zoo and aquariums for free, or half price, children’s museums for half price, and science and technology museums for free off over the US and Canada for only $100 a year (2015).

Dallas Zoo: What your favorite animal?Munchy had full control of the camera this time, so all the pictures are done by her.  We are learning how to download the pictures to a free site, edit and resize them, and how link them to each post.  She has played with editing software that is on her computer so some of the pictures are tweeted slightly.  So enjoy!

If you or your child is interested in learning about photography I have three really great websites that I have included:

Lynda – Online videos and tutorials & training
Explore Craftsy Photography Classes 

popcornWe gave Dallas Zoo four popcorns out of five.  It would be pretty pricey if you didn’t have a membership, and we didn’t like the fact that you had to pay $8 for parking.  We did like the fact that there were two sections so we had to go through a tunnel (which was super cool) and in the summer they run a Montreal between the two sections.  The enclosures were nice and large for the animals and they were clean. We went on a Saturday which seemed like it would be super busy but there was plenty of room for everyone.  Hubby got mad when we got back to the parking lot and people had blocked us in. We had purposely parked are big honking truck on the end in the last pace (so watch out for that).

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