Crocodile carved out of wood

Well, the girls watched our friend carve a crocodile out of wood all day. We watched for a good hour the first time and then 30 minutes for the second and third time.  When we came back to get the final project Mr. Andrew let each girl help carve the new one he was working on and help shine up the one we got.  He only used 2 Wood Carving tools, which was very cool and one paint color.  In all it took about 6-7 hours from start to finish.

We also met this really nice retired teacher who taught us a neat trick with 9 tables. We are currently working on our times tables.

Here is how it works….

Funny story – McKenzey was so excited about learning how to do her 9x table that she has told everyone she has met about it. She told another little girl in second grade about it, a man we met at Best Buy, and some kid’s dad on the playground.  The funnest was when we were waiting at Best Buy. While I was talking to someone she showed a guy sitting beside us, and I of course didn’t realize till the end what she was doing.  As we were leaving he was holding up all 10 fingers and trying each 9 times table on his fingers to see if it works – I was laughing hysterically.
The last question of the day was what makes that airship fly? There is one flying over the Daytona Raceway For the Daytona 500 this weekend.  So we discussed Helium, a colorless, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, gas that is lighter than air.  It was discovered by Norman Lockyer.  This also went into how cars move and what else can we use to make cars move.  What make a hot air balloon float?  I think we might do a science project with that tomorrow….

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