Crazy planets experiments and more

We did three more experiments about the stars and crazy planets and this time we did them with a friend. The first experiment the girls held a CD, with the shiny side up, in front of a sunny window and tilted it to see a rainbow. This was to show that white light has all the colors of the rainbow.

The second experiment the girls did was making a night vision flash light. The girls put red cellophane with a rubber band to make a night vision flash light. We turned the light off in the closet and used the second flash light with no cellophane on and off to see if our eyes could adjust. The white light breaks down some chemicals in our eyes so you can see in the dark. Then we tried it with the red flash light. With the red light our eyes adjusted easily and we could read the star chart.

The last experiment crazy planet was the most fun for all the girls. We made a solar system poster by using lots of fun paper and different shapes. The girls got really creative and then they wrote all the names of each planet on the poster. We all learned this silly sentence to remember the order. My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pickles.

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